Happy National Donut Day!

On this national donut day we asked Taira Schertz, Director of Student Life and MBU’s Donut Connoisseur, to share her top ten list of donut shops around the area. St. Louis has quite the donut scene, if you happen to stop by one of these places, tag @mobaptistu in your photos!

1. Old Town Donuts

Old Town Donuts is a family-owned Donut Shop located in Old Town Florissant. For more than 30 years, this shop has served the community with some of the best donuts in the area. They run three shifts a day, so the donuts are always the freshest they can be…

James Keeton saw the need for change in his community — then he got to work. Keeton watched circumstances lead youth in his community down a tumultuous path and he was determined to lead them to change.

MBU alumni, James Keeton (’13, ’17) currently serves as the director of programs at St. Vincent Home for Children. This home equips at-risk youth to overcome challenges and believe in their ability to succeed. In this role, Keeton works with youth who are facing significant life changes, such as a loss of a parent. Through building a support system, the students are then…

As a young man, Cameron Poole saw a need for change in education. So naturally, he is now leading the charge for change.

MBU alumni Cameron Poole (’17) currently serves as the Director of Equity and Inclusion for the Clayton School District. In this role, Poole suggests and implements policies, programs and resources to promote equity and inclusion in the schools and surrounding community.Poole’s vision for equity includes educating faculty, students and their families of the social and cultural differences that may affect learning. Equity recognizes differences but focuses on fairness. Poole has always valued equity, especially in education. …

Hope in the Promise by Dr. Keith Beutler

In 1905, theologian Willis Beecher observed that though we refer to the Bible’s prophecies of Christ as predictions, the Scriptures frame them more largely as promises. By thinking of the hundreds of Bible prophecies that Jesus Christ fulfilled merely as accurate predictions, we risk thinking of God as only a prescient knower, and missing the point of the Bible: that, gifting Himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ, according to His own promise, Jehovah God has revealed himself to us not just as some super seer, but as a passionate, trustworthy, promise-keeping lover on whom we can forever, fully rely.

Dr. Keith Beutler, Professor of History

As we approach Christmas and the New Year, do you find yourself wondering what the news in 2021 will be? We all experienced significant challenges during 2020. Some important personal relationships might have changed, you might have had financial disappointments, or maybe you have had heartbreaking losses. Regardless, each of us have had our own unique personal struggles.

So, how will the news in 2021 be different than 2020?

As difficult as 2020 has been, people have been ‘hoping for change’ throughout history. Think about the Christmas Hymn ‘O Come O Come Emmanuel’ in which the author pleads for God…

The year 2020 has been a difficult and dark year for many. As we celebrate the Christmas season, I want to share with you Isaiah 9:1–7. This too was a time of distress, gloom, darkness, and oppression; many of the same things we feel today. For the people of Israel, as with us, God provides light in the darkness and hope for His people. For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given… (Isa 9:6). Let’s rejoice in His promise of light in the darkness and focus on His love, hope and peace. Rejoice and Merry Christmas!

Dr. Amber Henry, Associate Vice President for Extended Learning

“When I was 14, I played the part of Mary in my church’s Christmas pageant. As a teenager myself, I tried to grasp the thought of being a young, pregnant girl about to give birth to Jesus, the Messiah. Despite the most unusual circumstances, Mary yielded to God’s will. After Jesus’s birth it says in Luke that “Mary treasured up all of these things and pondered them in her heart”.

So often, we forget to treasure God’s Word and promises in our hearts. Spending time with Him, filling our hearts and minds with His truths and praising Him helps us to respond with an unwavering “yes” to God’s call on our lives. When we remember His promises, we can walk fearlessly into the future and continue to be a light for others, pointing them to Him!”

Ashlee Johnson, Associate Vice President of University Advancement

Joy in the city

by Dr. Jordan Cox

Today my daily Bible reading was in Acts 8. Stephen received a stoning and Saul (not yet Paul) is ravaging the Church. Sounds kind of bleak, right? But yet, Philip is in Samaria proclaiming Christ. Healings and miracles were taking place and in verse 8 it says, “So there was much joy in that city.” When was the last time you felt like there was much joy in our city? I don’t know about you, but in this crazy time in which we are living, I am needing joy more than ever.

When we began a new year and a new semester (Spring 2020), who knew that in a few short weeks, our lives would be turned upside down. No one could have imagined the uncertainty we would be facing and are still facing today. I always hold true to the belief that “God would not bring us to it if He could not bring us through it”; I firmly believe that.

Experiencing uncertainty can play havoc on one’s mind, body, and soul. If we are not careful, this can also be dangerous to our health; especially to a young college student…

Missouri Baptist Univ.

Our Stories. #ShineOnMBU

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