Recommendations from the Humanities Division at MBU

September 6th is National Read a Book Day and we want to share some book recommendations from MBU’s humanities division! Check out our professors’ favorites below.

Rossano Deal has something of a dream job — his position leads him across the islands of the Bahamas capturing the magic and beauty of the country. Graduating from MBU in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast media, he started his career in videography. As senior editor and videographer for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, his videos are used in advertising to draw vacationers to visit the islands.

Deal values his education at MBU and finds joy in passing on his knowledge to encourage others. Once the pandemic is over, Deal plans to take more global opportunities within the field of broadcast media and video production.

He was just 22 years old when he was deemed a murderer. Hearing those words spill from a murderer’s mouth left two MBU alumni feeling overwhelmed but hopeful. They were interviewing an individual who was convicted of murder in his own house, and the process was unlike anything they had ever experienced. The air was as if it was closing around them in the cluttered home. Boxes were packed up and ready to be hauled to a new place. Their hands were steady as they filmed the silence between responses. …

Missouri Baptist University’s Director of Early College Partnerships, Kim Cochran, joined the MBU family in the fall of ’00 as an adjunct math professor. Since 1983, Early College Partnerships (ECP), formerly called EXCEL, has provided high school students the opportunity to earn university credit. This past year, ECP served more than 2,500 students in 40 high schools. Cochran holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Missouri S&T and an MBA from Webster University.


Cochran was born in Korea and was later adopted through an organization called Holt International. Looking back on her life, she…


For as long as I can remember I have wanted to help others. I didn’t always know what that would look like, I just knew, on some level, that it was always my calling.

I lived in a bubble of “we are all the same” until about the age of 12. I remember it so clearly; I was walking in the neighborhood with some of my friends. I was the only black kid in the group, but at the time it never dawned on me that it mattered. We were having a fun time just laughing…

In the science hallway at Missouri Baptist University, you are likely to find students sketching metabolic pathways, titrating an acid with a base or using mnemonics to memorize the cranial nerves. At the heart of it all are the science faculty encouraging and challenging the students to become their best, with the goal of seeing these students filled with promise become scientists.

One of these faculty members is Dr. Lydia Thebeau, MBU’s associate vice president for academic affairs and accreditation and professor of biology. But to her students, she is known as Dr. T — a professor who is known…

DR. ANDY CHAMBERS, MBU’s provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, didn’t always appreciate the value of a Christian liberal arts education.

Chambers studied mechanical engineering as an undergraduate at Missouri University of Science and Technology — and he stayed away from what some people call the “soft” disciplines of the humanities, such as history and literature.

“I really didn’t understand what those so-called general education classes meant,” Chambers recalls. “I just knew everybody hated them and wanted to get to their major because that’s how you made money.”

After earning his degree, Chambers decided to attend Southwestern Baptist…

Happy National Donut Day!

On this national donut day we asked Taira Schertz, Director of Student Life and MBU’s Donut Connoisseur, to share her top ten list of donut shops around the area. St. Louis has quite the donut scene, if you happen to stop by one of these places, tag @mobaptistu in your photos!

1. Old Town Donuts

Old Town Donuts is a family-owned Donut Shop located in Old Town Florissant. For more than 30 years, this shop has served the community with some of the best donuts in the area. They run three shifts a day, so the donuts are always the freshest they can be…

MBU Alumni, James Keeton

James Keeton saw the need for change in his community — then he got to work. Keeton watched circumstances lead youth in his community down a tumultuous path and he was determined to lead them to change.

MBU alumni, James Keeton (’13, ’17) currently serves as the director of programs at St. Vincent Home for Children. This home equips at-risk youth to overcome challenges and believe in their ability to succeed. In this role, Keeton works with youth who are facing significant life changes, such as a loss of a parent. Through building a support system, the students are then…

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