Gems of the East: The Philippines

A beach in Dumaguete brings a sense of tranquility to the visitor.
A young couple and their handsome son. The woman manages a roadside spring water station near Barili, charges those who come to fetch water, and receives a commission from her company. Her husband is unemployed, but the family seems to be happy and contented.
The Philippines is a country of beaches, straits, boats, mangoes, and coconuts. This picturesque photo was taken in Dumaguete.
A mischievous boy pulls his friend’s ears at Vacation Bible School in Barili. He wears a LeBron James T-shirt, which proves the worldwide fame of the professional basketball player for the L.A. Lakers.
After school is over, a motorized tricycle (auto rickshaw) takes home more than a dozen students, who pay a small amount of money for the service. Along with motorcycles, tricycles are a common mode of transportation in the Philippines.
This young child’s name is Boy Boy. His father works on the banana and cattle farm Pastor Petrus and his Korean wife founded decades ago. Boy Boy already has a younger brother. The Philippines is a country of young children; some women become grandmothers in their late thirties.
A swimming pool and spa along the beach in Dumaguete.
The Tañon Strait at sunset. Two men are rowing their boat to return to Barili. Across the sea is Negros Island; Dumaguete is located along the shore approximately 75 miles to the left.

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