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4 min readAug 15, 2017


St. Louis is a diverse city with limitless options for food, coffee and exploring. Spread throughout the St. Louis metro area are neighborhoods just as diverse as the people that inhabit them. St. Louis is a true representation of a global society living together. From the upscale Central West End to the eclectic Tower Grove neighborhoods, when combined, these neighborhoods create the perfect mixture that makes St. Louis such a great city to call home.

Delmar Loop

Arguably, the most well-known area in St. Louis, the Delmar Loop sits on the border of St. Louis city and St. Louis County. It has countless options for food, coffee, entertainment and shopping all located on Delmar Boulevard. Located near Washington University, Fontbonne University and Saint Louis University it has the perfect college town feel. It was named one of the ten great streets in America by the American Planning Association and once you visit you’ll know why. Here are some of the best options the Loop has to offer:

Central West End

Located on the edge of St. Louis city, sits Central West End. Known for boutique shops, luxury apartment buildings and directly across Kingshighway from Forest Park. Scattered along the tree-lined sidewalks of the CWE sit numerous restaurants, cafes and shops. Here are some of the best options CWE has to offer:

West Saint Louis County

While not a neighborhood, the western portion of Saint Louis County, commonly referred to as West County, has many unique small towns that run into each other one after another. Though not part of the city many people, if not all, still claim St. Louis as their home. The towns each have a personality of their own, from Town and Country to the historic and eclectic downtown Kirkwood each has their own vibe. Here are some of the best offerings West County has:

The Hill

Serving as the Italian sector of St. Louis, The Hill is home to the best authentic Italian restaurants in St. Louis. Spread throughout the neighborhood are family-owned restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores and cafes. Located right across the interstate from Forest Park on the south side, The Hill is a strong community with a great pride for their homeland, as you’ll notice with the Italian flag flying and fire hydrants painted red, green and white.

Botanical Heights

Botanical Heights is a unique area of town that includes the historic Shaw neighborhood and Southwest Garden, which border the Missouri Botanical Garden. Filled with local eateries, beautiful foliage and plenty of architectural sites, this neighborhood is a perfect place to take a walk and enjoy the sights.

Tower Grove Park

Situated along the south and east borders of Tower Grove Park sit two distinct neighborhoods. Packed full of diverse residents, shops, restaurants and cafes the Tower Grove neighborhoods are a must visit area of St. Louis. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, a book to read or a park to visit, here are some of the best the neighborhoods have to offer:


The very heart of St. Louis is downtown. This area is where the most famous monument in St. Louis is located, where our favorite sports teams are housed and the skyline takes shape. Situated in downtown are dozens of restaurants, Fortune 500 companies and plenty of activities, many free or cheap, to fill your day. Downtown has much to offer but here are some of the best opportunities:



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