MBU in STL: West Saint Louis County

St. Louis is a diverse city with limitless options for food, coffee and exploring. Spread throughout the St. Louis metro area are neighborhoods just as diverse as the people that inhabit them. St. Louis is a true representation of a global society living together. From the upscale Central West End to the eclectic Tower Grove neighborhoods, when combined, these neighborhoods create the perfect mixture that makes St. Louis such a great city to call home.

While not a neighborhood, the western portion of Saint Louis County, commonly referred to as West County, has many unique small towns that run into each other one after another. Though not part of the city many people, if not all, still claim St. Louis as their home. The towns each have a personality of their own, from Town and Country to the historic and eclectic downtown Kirkwood each has their own vibe. Here are some of the best offerings West County has:

Global Quesadilla

189 Lamp and Lantern Village, Chesterfield, MO

Global Quesadilla has over 15 options for quesadillas, with unique twists to each one. Like the name suggests, there are quesadillas inspired by places all over the globe, including Mexico City, Florentine, Montreal, Buffalo, New Orleans and our very own St. Louis with even more after that. Global Quesadilla also offers nachos, ‘chos as they refer to them, and salads, both with numerous varying options. Online ordering and delivery to campus is available so there’s nothing holding you back from trying this place.

Strange Donuts

2709 Sutton Blvd., Maplewood, MO

As the name states, these donuts can be strange. The strange donuts change weekly and can be as unique as one could imagine. Some of the current and past strange offerings include, jalapeno strawberry cream, waffle and chicken, burger and a peep edition. For the less adventurous type, Strange Donuts offers two other groups of donuts. Classics like glazed, sprinkles and jelly filled. Or Creations like Gooey Butter, campfire, red velvet and blueberry cheesecake. Check this place out if you’re in the mood for a strange experience.

Pie oh My!

2719 Sutton Blvd., Maplewood, MO

Situated next door to Strange Donuts sits Pie oh My!. This little bakery offers pie and that’s it. For walk-ins, they have miniature pies available in small and medium or slices of pie. Some of their flavors include, Bailey’s Chocolate Cream, Butterscotch Cream, Sour Cream Apple and about 30 more after that. They also offer full-size pies if ordered in advance. So the next time you’re in the mood for pie, look no further, this is the place for you.

Deer Creek Coffee

9820 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO

Giving off a cozy, inviting atmosphere as soon as you walk in, Deer Creek Coffee is a great place to go meet up with friends, read or work. A full coffee bar, full menu offering sandwiches, soup, even pizza and plenty of pastries, Deer Creek is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also while you’re there be sure to add to the chalk wall and drop your favorite quote for others to enjoy.

Dewey’s Pizza

124 N. Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood, MO

This small Midwestern chain found a home in downtown Kirkwood. Offering specialty and traditional pizza. Their specialty pizzas include Porky Fig, Green Lantern, Edgar Allen Poe, Dr. Dre and Bronx Bomber, among others. Dewey’s also offers salads and calzones. These specialty pizzas are a must try, stop by to get your fix.

Coma Coffee Roasters

1034 S. Brentwood Blvd., Richmond Heights, MO

Serving only coffee imported from around the world, Coma Coffee Roasters believes that specialty coffee can bring people together. With a roastery located in the Grove, Coma Coffee delivers all in-house coffee. Be sure to try this specialty coffee.

Queeny Park

1721 S Mason Rd, St. Louis, MO

Located between Town and Country and Ballwin, Queeny Park is a large park with hiking trails, tennis courts, and a large play ground. The Park also features the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog. Perfect for getting active, taking a walk, run or anything in-between. When looking for a place to spend a beautiful summer day, Queeny Park is a great choice.

Honorable mentions: The Butterfly House, Castlewood State Park

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