Mental Health Check-In with Nikki Johnson

Have you driven in heavy fog at night? The unknowns are countless. The thick billowing clouds mask formerly familiar surroundings. Visibility is limited to only what is immediately in front of you, nothing beyond. You know your car is moving, yet you aren’t sure where you’re going or what you may encounter on your journey.

You are doing everything you typically do, yet it isn’t enough. Nothing you do increases your visibility, or your sense of security. Your senses become heightened. Uncertainty fuels fear and anxiety.

Does this sound familiar?

Covid drifted into our lives in March and continues to linger like a fog. It has clouded our sense of security and predictability. Students have had to ponder too many questions: Will my courses meet in person or online? Will I live on campus? Will I still play sports? Participate in activities? Will graduation be held? When? What will church look like? Could I get sick? Will I lose my job? Will I find a job?

How are you managing? To whom do you turn in times of uncertainty? I assure you that God can handle all your worries and concerns, in fact, He desires them. Remember, the Lord will give strength to His people in time of need and will bless His people with peace’ (Psalms 29:11) that surpasses all human understanding (Phil 4:7). The strength and peace God gives renews us. It lights up our path so that we can see the way forward… even through the fog.

Our Stories. #ShineOnMBU

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