Nice to Meet You, Kim Cochran

Missouri Baptist University’s Director of Early College Partnerships, Kim Cochran, joined the MBU family in the fall of ’00 as an adjunct math professor. Since 1983, Early College Partnerships (ECP), formerly called EXCEL, has provided high school students the opportunity to earn university credit. This past year, ECP served more than 2,500 students in 40 high schools. Cochran holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Missouri S&T and an MBA from Webster University.


Cochran was born in Korea and was later adopted through an organization called Holt International. Looking back on her life, she saw how the Lord intentionally fought for her and took care of her. A pivotal moment in her life came her junior year of high school when the Lord made Himself known to her. Those moments changed her life forever.


Cochran has always had an affinity to music and would bring her children to concerts whenever she could. It is fitting that her son, Noah, is the bassist for a local band called Free Parking. Cochran is their biggest supporter and goes to all of their shows.


Cochran enjoys hiking whenever she gets the chance. Her favorite place to hike is Yosemite National Park in California. Local places such as Castlewood suffice when she can’t make it out west. Cochran finds joy in hiking because she gets to see the heart of the Creator through His creation.


Can you really be a St. Louis native if you’re not a Cardinals fan? Kim is so loyal to the Cardinals that she has seen them play in many stadiums across the nation. To date, she has visited 20 stadiums. Her favorite stadium so far has been Boston’s Fenway.


Every Friday morning, you can find Cochran at St. Louis Bread Co. getting coffee with a group of friends. About a decade ago, she met some of her closest friends through church and they have committed to each other to stay up to date with each other’s lives. For more than 10 years, Cochran has met with the same group of friends every week to catch up.


In Cochran’s free time you can find her with her headphones listening to a podcast. From crime to social justice themes, Kim enjoys listening to just about anything. Some of her most listened to podcasts are “American Life,” “Ted Hour” and “How I Built This.”


Cochran is currently making her way through The Top St. Louis 100 restaurants list. She made it a goal of hers to visit every restaurant on the list about three years ago. So far, she has been to 30 different restaurants all over the city. Some of her favorites include Salt + Smoke, NUDO House, and Stone Soup Cottage.


Kim’s intentionality doesn’t stop in her work at MBU. She puts her words into action at a local non-profit called the Sharing Shed. The Sharing Shed’s mission is to meet the needs of those in crisis for the glory of God. It serves as a place where families pick up items they need at no cost. Kim volunteers each month and serves as a board member.

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